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  • Specific ingredients of natural origin are nourishing elements contained in foods and/or ingredients which benefit the body, helping to maintain our dogs’ and cats’ natural balance.

    All varieties of the Natural Trainer dry line for dogs and cats are produced and packaged in our plant in Castelgomberto (province of Vicenza), and are subject to the strictest controls in order to ensure the quality of the raw materials used.

    All Natural Trainer products have specific formulations designed for the differing needs of dogs and cats, based on size, age and needs. They are complete, balanced foods which supply all the nutrients needed to help keep your pet healthy. Furthermore, our nutritionists select specific ingredients of natural origin that provide health benefits for your dog or cat, depending on their needs.

    All Natural Trainer products, with the exception of Natural Trainer Ideal Weight, are formulated without ingredients containing gluten.

    Your dog's and cat's needs change according to different stages in their development, so it's important to adapt their nutrition accordingly. Our products contain specific ingredients of natural origin that are carefully selected by our experts to provide specific benefits, depending on the size and age of your four-legged friend.

    All Natural Trainer products are produced without adding preservatives or colourants. Furthermore, the entire range of dry products does not contain added sugar.

  • To find the recommended daily dose for your adult pet, simply consult the nutritional table printed on the pack (normally located on the back of the pack at the bottom) and check the recommended dosage, which varies according to the animal’s current weight in kg. If your dog is a puppy, you will find the suggested daily dose in the table, checking its adult weight and its age. If your cat is a kitten, you can find the daily dose by checking its age.
    Yes, it is possible to opt for a mixed dosage of dry and wet food. There are no particular contraindications in doing so, except for two important precautions: - maintain the same type of food and taste, since each food is formulated to be complete and balanced to meet the animal’s specific needs
    - maintain the right dosage ratio, considering the can’s caloric contribution to their total daily calorie intake.
  • Natural Trainer dog and cat range products are sold in a network of specialised animal shops.

  • If your cat has particularly demanding tastes and needs an even more palatable product, Natural Trainer includes a range of products designed for them! Natural Trainer Exigent is even tastier than Natural Trainer Adult, improving the taste of the kibbles*, making it the ideal food for your demanding cat.
    *Compared to Natural Trainer Adult Cat

    Natural Trainer Sensitive is the new single animal protein line, formulated with a single source of animal proteins as an alternative to more common proteins. The range contains a 100% natural pineapple extract which, together with prebiotics of natural origin and whole grains, helps digestion in dogs with digestive sensitivity. All Natural Trainer Sensitive products are also formulated without ingredients containing gluten. For those especially discerning about the products they give to their four-legged friend, Sensitive Plus is a range formulated with only 3 basic ingredients: the only source of protein is accompanied by a single source of carbohydrates and a single source of vegetable oil. The ingredients of natural origin in this line of products, as well as being a valid digestive aid, also help to maintain the skin barrier.

    Natural Trainer recently introduced its new line for cats to the market, renewing its look to make the packaging even easier to understand, based on the needs of all. From now on, the whole range for ages and specific needs includes 100% natural cranberry extract as a universal ingredient, which together with chicory root extract and controlled levels of minerals, helps to maintain the correct functioning of your cat's urinary tract in the long term. All products are now available under the Natural Trainer brand, but as always, many offerings are available for different needs, with specific ingredients of natural origin: by age (Baby Milk, Kitten, Young, Adult, Mature) and by specific need (Sterilised, Hairball, Sensitive, Ideal Weight, Exigent). Natural Trainer Urinary is also available now to help your cat maintain an optimal urinary pH value. The range is made in Italy, as always.

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