The best games for your cat

The best games for your cat

Metadescription Even though a cat is a solitary animal, playing is important for her growth and vitality. Playing with your cat helps it to keep her curiosity alive. It is therefore important to create an environment where the cat is constantly stimulated and finds satisfaction and fun in playing.

When you  have a cat at home, regardless of her age, it is important to stimulate her interest by playing with her. Although a cat tends to be of a solitary nature, her interest must still be stimulated to keep her active and lively. Cats tend to spend more time alone than dogs, so you must take steps to ensure that her curiosity and her continuous quest for new adventures are constantly stimulated.



If you're wondering which games are the best for your kitten, the answer is very simple: your cat loves to explore new territories and is constantly looking for new stimuli. When you play with your kitten, or even when she plays alone, you need to stimulate her innate characteristics to keep her attention and curiosity levels high. Before we examine this subject in depth, it must be said that you should never play with your cat waving your hands in front of her face. If your kitten associates your hands with prey, she will always possess the instinct to bite or scratch them as soon as they are in front of her, and this is a type of behaviour that should be avoided as much as possible.


The most stimulating games for cats are all based on the search for and control of territory, which is the main feature of all cats, including domestic cats. You can also create homemade toys with a little imagination and creativity. Using tin foil balls or making mice out of fabric are simple but effective ways to stimulate your cat. The secret is to scatter these toys in unusual places and move them often, so that the cat can express all her curiosity. Leaving a wardrobe door open, when it is usually closed, and hiding a little toy in there, letting her find an open cardboard box, these are all fun things that will increase her curiosity and mean she is less bored. When you buy toys for your cat you must make sure that they are non-toxic and suitable for her, so it is always better to buy games from sites or stores that specialise in pets. There are many interactive games for cats on the market today, such as technological games that stimulate her attention and curiosity. One example is the screens that simulate an aquarium with fish swimming around, or mechanical mobiles with fluttering birds or butterflies. These intelligent games for cats stimulate the cat's curiosity, making her alert and attentive. It is important to always create new things for her to do, to alternate the games available and to create "treasure hunts” to stop your cat becoming bored and depressed. These are all activities that kittens find curious and fun. Even if your cat is spending a lot of time on her own, you need to interact with her or allow her to play even if she's home alone, as only this way will you have a happy and active kitten.