Spaying your cat: tips on keeping her healthy, even after surgery

Spaying your cat: tips on keeping her healthy, even after surgery

We will discuss the importance of suitable nutrition after spaying a cat, as well as physical and mental exercise.

If you have already had your cat neutered or spayed, or if you are about to do so, you may have concerns about the care she will need after spaying. In this article we will provide answers regarding follow-up care after spaying your cat, as well as the importance of adequate nutrition and regular exercise that will keep her active and healthy.



Some weight gain is normal after spaying your cat. This is because cats regulate the amount of food they eat. However, after being spayed, some cats may lose this ability to self-regulate, thus taking in larger amounts. It can also change their metabolism and they may need less energy. Some cats can even become more sedentary, especially indoor cats. This can lead to an increase in the weight of spayed cats, and to a higher calorie intake than necessary.


It is therefore important to provide adequate nutrition after spaying your cat, as well as physical and mental exercise to help her stay healthy and within an ideal weight.





Daily exercise is crucial for your cat after she has been spayed. It will keep her fit and active and help strengthen your bond. Usually, adult cats don't need to play for a long time in one go, so several 5-minute sessions a day will be more than enough. Their favourite games are ones where they can chase and catch.

  • Fishing rod style games, with an object at the end, will stimulate her to jump and chase.
  • Games with feathers and fur can remind her of her prey; she'll love chasing after them!
  • You could also hide food in different places around your house, or use toys packed with nooks and crannies, concealing food so your cat will have to think about how to get it out. That way, she'll have to move around more, and think hard about how to get the food.
  • Scratching posts are another good idea for climbing, sharpening her claws and resting.



It is very important to plan a specific diet that keeps spayed cats full, but with reduced calorie content, helping maintain an ideal weight.

Cats like to eat frequently in small quantities. You can give them small portions of food several times a day, depending on their weight, or use bowls with timers, which open at preset times and allow you to control meal times.

Another good option is to make some of the food wet, increasing hydration.


 Here at NATURAL TRAINER, we offer a range of foods with high-quality ingredients of natural origin and an irresistible taste, such as NATURAL TRAINER ADULT STERILISED with salmon, white meat or dry-cured ham. It is a specific food with high-quality animal proteins, which helps to reduce the effects of spaying on your cat's weight.


  • It contains functional ingredients of natural origin, which provide specific benefits to the body and respect its balance:


    • Natural cranberry concentrate, combined with chicory root concentrate and controlled levels of minerals, help to maintain the correct functioning of your cat's urinary tract in the long term.
    • Pea fibre and a moderate fat content, which helps to reduce the food’s calorie content.
    • Chicory root concentrate, with inulin, a prebiotic of natural origin that, together with beet pulp, helps nourish and maintain the proper balance of the gut flora.
    • Dried apple concentrate and a special form of vitamin C, which help prevent the formation of tartar and control bad breath.
    • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which, together with biotin and zinc, improve the health and appearance of her skin and coat.
    • No added preservatives, colourants or sugars.

 As we have seen, after your cat has been spayed, it is important to keep her active, both physically and mentally, and to plan a diet that is adapted to her new needs, such as NATURAL TRAINER foods. Complete, tasty food will help her keep fit and healthy.