First Time Pet Parents
First Time Pet Parents Is a new cat about to arrive in your home? Well that's wonderful news!

For NATURAL TRAINER it's an act of kindness and responsibility, and that's why we want to help your kitten settle into her new home in the best possible way.


Are you ready to welcome your new pet into your home? It's essential that she has all the time required to examine each environment. When your kitten arrives at your house, it is crucial that she can get to know it and understand it: she's not a human being and her needs are different to yours. Nevertheless, she also needs love and attention. Change is her worst enemy, so it's important to try to reduce it.

One of the most important nutritional phases for a kitten is the transition from her mother's milk to solid food. For the first three to four weeks of her life, a kitten is fed by her mother. After this phase, the transition begins, which lasts until the eighth week of her life, when a kitten begins to taste and to try solid food. This growth phase is essential for the ideal development of your kitten and it is therefore advisable to adopt a specific diet. Your kitten's nutrition is essential in the growth phase. The Baby Care Program includes specific products for feeding your kitten at different stages of her life. With ingredients of natural origin that vary according to her needs, such as Natural Trainer Kitten, it is an excellent choice for kittens from 1 to 6 months of age, as well as for pregnant or lactating cats. The specific mix of prebiotics (MOS and inulin) helps the nourishment and the correct balance of gut flora. Yeast nucleotides contribute to the smooth functioning of the immune system. The products in the Baby Care Program are made in Italy, with no added colourants, preservatives or sugar.


Weaning kittens: how and when it happens
Healthy eating, Stages of development in cats

Weaning kittens: how and when it happens

In this article we talk about how and when the weaning of your kitten takes place and the correct food for this stage in her development.

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