Single protein foods for dogs

Single protein foods for dogs

The right food for your best friend. Discover all the benefits of foods with high-quality proteins and products formulated with a single source of animal protein.

What is the best food for your dog? Feeding your four-legged friend is one of the most important factors when trying to keep him healthy, as it is precisely through food that he develops both physically and mentally. When we choose his food, we must consider what is best for him, and what he ingests through the food we choose. Considering the protein source and its main components is a key point in your doggy’s development.

Your dog needs to have complete development from birth, lasting throughout the different stages of his life, so that he grows healthy and strong. However, your faithful friend may be sensitive to certain ingredients or components. This digestive sensitivity can develop for various reasons over his lifetime. Changing or alternating your dog's diet may be useful in these cases, choosing foods that contain a single source of animal protein. A so-called single-protein food is a food in which there is only one source of animal protein. Foods formulated exclusively with a single source of animal protein, such as salmon or duck, can help protect your dog's health. At NATURAL TRAINER, as nutrition experts, we offer a dedicated range of single-protein animal foods with an alternative single source of animal proteins to those most common (salmon, lamb, pork, duck). Its adapted formula contains whole grains, prebiotics and 100% natural pineapple concentrate to promote digestive function.

Made in Italy, with no added colourants, preservatives or sugar.

Doubtlessly, choosing a quality food for your dog, complemented by functional ingredients of natural origin that provide additional benefits, is a responsible decision. Quality food, with balanced, high-end components, is essential for helping to keep your dog healthy and strong, today and in the future: this will impact your furry friend’s well-being throughout his life.