First Time Pet Parents
First Time Pet Parents Are you feeling overcome with emotion...? Is a new member of your family about to arrive at your house?

Here at NATURAL TRAINER we want to give your puppy a warm welcome and that's why we will guide you step by step to help him settle in as well as possible, so that he can feel comfortable as soon as possible and you can start your journey together. Feeding your puppy, in this case, is essential. We know that weaning is a delicate phase and that's why we have developed the ideal product for this transitional time, with natural functional ingredients and high quality proteins. For the first month of his life, your puppy will be fed on his mother's milk, which is essential at this stage. From this age onwards, your puppy will be able to start discovering moist foods, such as feed moistened with a little water, so that he can gradually change to a solid diet. At around two months of age, the little one should be ready to be separated from his mother and be completely weaned, adapting his nutrition with food specifically for puppies.

A range like Natural Trainer, which offers complete and balanced foods with natural ingredients, can be the optimum choice to support your best friend in this new phase. Since your new puppy will in effect be another member of your family, you will need to ensure that he is comfortable and healthy in his transition and adaptation. Choosing a diet with natural ingredients is a good option and the Baby Care Program, which can support your puppy through his different stages of growth, is a great help as his food, such as Natural Trainer Baby Starter, will include specific foods depending on age. Ideal for puppies from 1 to 3 months, as well as for pregnant or lactating bitches, it contributes to optimum growth thanks to vitamins A, D and E, minerals and high-quality proteins. The presence of fresh chicken is a source of digestible proteins that promote a change in diet and the smooth functioning of the intestine. Yeast nucleotides help to strengthen the immune system’s natural defences. In addition, long-chain omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil and algae support brain and vision development. Natural Trainer Baby Starter is a food specifically designed for the first phase of your puppy's life, with specific natural ingredients that provide numerous benefits for his development.

My first dog: how do I choose suitable food?
First time pet parents

My first dog: how do I choose suitable food?

Find out everything your first dog needs, nutrition’s importance, and how to choose the best food with natural active ingredients to maintain a natural balance.

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