My first dog: how do I choose suitable food?

My first dog: how do I choose suitable food?

Find out everything your first dog needs, nutrition’s importance, and how to choose the best food with natural active ingredients to maintain a natural balance.

The arrival of a dog in a new home is a source of joy for the whole family. However, if this is your first dog, it is normal to have some uncertainty about this new arrival and ask yourself: what does he need? How do I choose the best food for my first dog?


  In this article you will find answers that will help you choose the best nutrition with specific natural ingredients to strengthen all your dog's qualities and respect his natural balance.



  Your first dog has just arrived home and you can barely contain your excitement... There's a new member of your family! Is everything ready to welcome him properly?


  • A comfortable dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • Collar or harness and lead
  • Dog toys
  • Affection and the desire to have fun
  • A diet ideal for keeping him healthy, such as a Natural Trainer product with naturally sourced ingredients


 It is normal for your first dog to be a little disoriented in the first few days, as well as a little shy or insecure. Treat him affectionately, show him the house and let him smell here and there to help him settle in. You'll see in a couple of days that he'll be happy and relaxed.




  A good diet is the first step towards a healthy and energetic life. When you ask yourself “what is the best food for my first dog?”, you will most probably think of a diet with natural ingredients that cover all his needs and allow him to be fast, strong, lively and playful.


  • For your first dog, it is important to choose nutrition according to his specific needs, especially size and age, as needs vary. For example, the energy requirements of a small mature dog are not the same as those of a medium or large puppy.


  • A dog needs protein to maintain good muscle mass, which will also give him vitality and strength. Proteins from top-quality animal sources usually appear at the top of the list of ingredients.


  • Fats and carbohydrates ensure that your first dog is always full of energy.


  • It's also very important that it tastes good. That way, your dog won't be able to resist and your bond will be strengthened in a natural and positive way.


  • No added colourants, preservatives or sugar.


  • An adequate amount of minerals such as calcium/phosphorus and vitamin D, to develop and maintain strong and healthy bones, with natural ingredients that provide specific benefits based on their characteristics.



  NATURAL TRAINER is the Made in Italy range that selects specific natural ingredients to offer you quality food that you can trust.


  NATURAL TRAINER is a comprehensive and balanced food that covers all your dog's needs, as well as offering specific benefits to suit his needs:


  • Yeast nucleotides contribute to the smooth functioning of the immune system and are present in food for puppies of all sizes.


  • Spirulina, proteins, vitamins and minerals help to support vitality in adult dogs of all sizes.


  • Devil's claw, together with bioactive collagen peptides, controlled levels of vitamins and minerals and high-quality proteins, helps to support your dog during ageing. This makes it one of the specific natural ingredients found in the most important foods for mature dogs of all sizes.
  • Yucca schidigera: together with natural prebiotics, helps to reduce unpleasant odours in small dogs.
  • Chicory concentrate, fructo-oligosaccharides and mannan-oligosaccharides however promote correct intestinal function in medium-sized dogs.
  • Linseed and bioactive collagen peptides promote the maintenance of healthy joints in large dogs.

  A diet with specific natural ingredients that covers all of your first dog's needs is the first step in helping your companion maintain a healthy life. All that is thanks to active and functional ingredients that take care of his natural balance and best support him, enabling him to be an extraordinary companion.