The beneficial properties of prebiotics

The beneficial properties of prebiotics

Knowing the prebiotics best suited to your dog

We know that a balanced and varied diet is fundamental for your dog's wellbeing; due to this reason, we need to ensure that our canine companion gets all the nutrients that they require. When we take care of our dog's food, we must also ensure that there is no impact on the sensitivities of their digestive tract. For example, not everyone knows that prebiotics are important for the correct functioning of a dog's digestive tract, for example, those from chicory root concentrates. It is important not to undervalue the functioning of these fibres, the introduction of which can bring benefits to the digestive apparatus of our four-legged friends, especially for those who are slightly sensitive.

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are fibres that help the "good bacteria" that is present in the digestive tract and helps to maintain its functionality. Due to their nature (fibre) and how it is easy to introduce them into a dog's diet, prebiotics have been effectively used for decades in animal products, whether intentionally or not.

Prebiotics maintain the good bacteria; so-called prebiotics, selectively stimulate the growth and activity of a number of bacteria in the dog's colon and contribute to promoting and improving the wellbeing and health of our dog in different ways. For dogs that suffer from a particular intestinal sensitivity, it is important to include food with prebiotics that are natural in origin. 


Prebiotics from chicory root 

The best way to ensure that our dog takes prebiotics is surely that of integrating this fibre into their diet. Prebiotics are present in nature; for example, they can be plant extracts, such as chicory root. Chicory root contains inulin, a polysaccharide that is a plant fibre. The inulin obtained from chicory increases, for example, the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria present in the intestine, lowers cholesterol and, in doing so, can control constipation in dogs and help with intestinal transit. Furthermore, inulin seems to inhibit the proliferation of other bacteria that are damaging for the intestines of our canine companions.

On the market we can select whole foods that are able to provide our dog with all the nutrients that they need for their wellness and vitality. For dogs who suffer from a particular sensitivity, there are dedicated commercial lines of food that include prebiotics. 


How to choose the right food for your dog 

Food is important for dogs at any stage of their life and is a fundamental element for their wellbeing and vitality. It is very important to choose a balanced diet for them but one which is also varied and tasty. Dogs are very curious about food; they love to savour every last morsel and it's important to always offer them new and tasty alternatives. The market offers so many alternatives to satisfy any type of requirement. We know that it is important to buy complete products that guarantee all the nutrients that your dog needs and that we must adopt criteria to choose the most suitable product. Dog food varies depending on the age of the dog, their size and their specific nutritional requirements. We should always remember to check that the food that we choose for our dog follows specific criteria and meets all of their nutritional requirements.

How to behave with dogs that have specific nutritional requirements 

By the term "specific nutritional requirements", we mean dogs who have a particular sensitivity towards certain ingredients or who, as we said, have a more delicate stomach. In this case, we have to anticipate food for our dog that eliminates certain ingredients or a diet that includes fibre, in case of intestinal sensitivity. Even more sensitive dogs with specific nutritional requirements can, in the right measure, enjoy a tasty and balanced diet. 
Natural Trainer Sensitive No Gluten offers products that are rich in natural prebiotics, such as chicory root concentrate, and are also formulated with a single source of animal protein, combined with pineapple concentrate and wholegrain cereals to help aid digestion for dogs with digestive sensitivity.