Travelling with your dog

Travelling with your dog

Little tips for stress-free travelling with your dog.

When you  have a dog in your family it is important to plan trips and holidays considering his presence and needs. Your dog loves discovering new places, and it will certainly be exciting for him to be in a new environment with his family. Travelling with your dog improves and strengthens your relationship with him, plus being able to spend more time with him during the holidays can only increase his well-being. First of all, when you decide to go away with your dog, you have to research your destination and check if there are pet-friendly accommodation facilities and other activities there, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, more and more hotels, restaurants and beach resorts are open to welcoming our four-legged friends, with all the comforts they need. When you plan a trip you must also consider the journey you will have to make with your puppy. Of all the various means of transport, the car is certainly the most comfortable and least traumatic for a dog, you just need to follow a few small steps to travel smoothly, without any problems.


Nevertheless, for a peaceful journey, it's better to follow a few small steps. Before leaving, it is a good idea to get your dog used to the car with little trips. If your dog knows the car, he will slowly get used to getting in it, avoiding trauma during a longer journey. When transporting your dog in the car you must respect the road regulations, the dog must be in the pet carrier, or attached to the appropriate seat belt; alternatively, you can put a cage between the seats and the boot. To get your dog used to the car, it may be helpful to place a blanket from your dog's bed and a toy in or next to the carrier to make him feel more secure.


During the journey it is extremely important to be close to your puppy and reassure him with your presence and cuddles. When travelling with your dog you need to make stops to allow him to drink and do his business, so it is recommended that you always keep a water bowl and poo bags to hand. If you go away in summer and it's very warm inside the car, remember to bring a water spray bottle to keep your four-legged friend refreshed. More than any other pet, a dog particularly suffers when separated from his family, so it is definitely preferable to take him with you when you travel, rather than entrusting him to family, friends or kennels. By adopting these simple measures, travelling with your beloved puppy will be a wonderful time for you to share and will make the relationship between you and him even more special.