The importance of looking after your cat's urinary tract

The importance of looking after your cat's urinary tract

Discover the importance of looking after your cat's urinary tract, and learn more about your favourite feline. Get to know each other better.

Your cat's urinary tract is responsible for the production and removal of urine. An optimal urinary pH level is essential for the wellbeing of the urinary tract and for helping to maintain your cat's heath, although several factors can affect it negatively, such as insufficient water consumption, inadequate weight or a non-specific diet – all aspects that can put the delicate balance of your cat’s urinary tract at risk.

It is unfortunately not unusual for a cat to have to deal with urinary tract disorders during her lifetime. Urinary tract wellbeing is therefore important for improving her health. Prevention is the best way of avoiding disorders that upset her physical and emotional balance.

There are several reasons why your cat may develop these types of disorders, such as:


1. An inadequate physical state can have negative effects on your cat's health. Overweight cats are in fact more susceptible to these types of disorders. You can find out your cat's weight by simply using your scales at home: first weigh yourself and then do it again, this time holding your cat in your arms. A complete, balanced diet, with specific ingredients of natural origin and without added colourants, preservatives or sugars, which is specific to each phase of its life, is a good option because your cat maintains an optimal body weight. NATURAL TRAINER Adult Sterilised includes plant fibres such as pea fibre and a moderate level of fats, which helps reduce the calorie content in food. In any case, it is always advisable to consult your vet, who will explain what your cat’s ideal weight should be, and how you can help her stay as healthy as possible.


2. Dry food has a low water content. It is therefore prudent to mix it with wet food to help your cat stay hydrated. Small doses of wet food mixed with dry food will increase the water percentage in your cat's body.


3. Inadequate hydration can be harmful for your cat's urinary tract. Cats naturally tend to drink little water, and have great capacity for urine retention. It is therefore important to take care of the urinary tract, so it is always in the best possible condition. That's why here at NATURAL TRAINER we rely on the power of cranberry as an essential ingredient throughout the range, as together with chicory root concentrate and controlled levels of minerals in the recipes, it helps maintain the correct functioning of your cat's urinary tract in the long term.


4. Stress is likely to be a factor which affects your cat's urinary disorders. Changes such as moving to a new house, loud noises caused by visits or moving bowls of water and food are factors that can cause stress for your feline friend. Minimising change is therefore important to reduce stress.

Taking these factors into account is important, as well as remembering that proper nutrition is essential to maintain your cat’s natural balance. It is therefore important to choose quality foods that contain specific ingredients for your cat’s care. The NATURAL TRAINER URINARY line contains specific ingredients of natural origin, with an adapted formula and an optimal balance of minerals and ingredients rich in the essential amino acid methionine (found in linseed and eggs) which helps to control the urinary pH. Natural cranberry and chicory root concentrates and controlled mineral levels help maintain urinary function in the long term. Furthermore, it has a high-quality main protein source, while dried apple concentrate and a special form of vitamin C help to prevent tartar formation. Finally, omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc in NATURAL TRAINER URINARY recipes keep your cat's skin healthy and coat beautiful.